Grow Your Faith

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

-Matthew 7:7

So I have been praying everyday to have God grow my faith.  I pray for the passion to have radical obedience to him, to follow him even when I am uncertain about what is going to come of this next step.

So why is when he answers my prayers I freak out, I start crying and tell him no, this is not what you want for me, I am not qualified, I am overwhelmed, I am scared, I can’t do this.

Did I not just pray earlier that day to do whatever he can to make me rely on myself less and rely on him more? Did I not just sing to him praises to rid myself of me and fill me with him? Did I not just pray earlier that day for him to make me into this radical follower of him? So why when I am faced with a situation to grow and mold me into the person he has planned for me to become I run in the other direction?

When we pray to God we already have in our mind how we want him to answer that prayer.  We have our vision for our lives and how we want things to go.  But if we read and believe the Bible, God has such better plans for our lives if we just let him have control.  Do we really believe that God has our and his best interest in mind? Because if we really did we wouldn’t kick, scream and, cry when he placed that opportunity in front of us.

So I am going to continue to rely on God and trust that he has bigger and better plans that I could ever imagine myself. And I urge all of you that if God puts something in your way that might seem scary or you feel unqualified for, go for it! It will grow your faith and you become more and more of a Radical follower of God.  He has greater and bigger plans for your life if you just let him lead you.